Rose Varieties

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Carefree & Low Maintenance Roses
Some roses are more resistant to disease than others. Carefree roses have been greatly overlooked in landscaping. Now there are varieties with color and fragrance which do well in Florida gardens and require minimal care. In order to have healthy rose bushes follow these four simple steps:
Start with a Nelsons’ Florida Rose on Fortuniana Rootstock, specifically grown in Florida for Florida soil and climate.
Plant where there is a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight and well drained soil.
To establish the bush, water thoroughly every day for the first two months.
Excellent results can be obtained by using a six month slow release fertilizer, e.g, Osmacote or Stay-Green Rose FertilizerCarefree Roses (minimal spraying)

Fragrant Roses

In the past people thought all roses were fragrant. This is not true, but there are a number of roses that are very fragrant. At Nelsons’ Roses we try to grow roses that are pretty as well as fragrant. The combination of beauty and fragrance is enjoyable. There is no greater pleasure than to walk in your rose garden, pick a Nelsons’ Rose and smell the aroma. A bouquet of fragrant roses in a room creates a pleasant atmosphere. Recently the scientific community has been promoting aromatherapy for reduction of stress and tension, giving the body and mind a relaxing state of calmness.Each rose has its own particular scent. Some are fruity; others are spicy, sweet, or a delicate tea fragrant.