About Us

When Olin Nelson started his nursery business in Apopka over 65 years ago, he envisioned a company that would focus on the special needs of Florida. After Nelson’s established themselves with a variety of hardy foliage plants, O.F. and his sons (B.P. and Earl) began to diversify. Before 1955 people used to say you could not grow roses in Florida. The Nelsons decided to experiment with a wild rose that was found throughout the state of Florida and the Southeast. Along with the University of Florida, they developed a way to graft onto Fortuniana Rootstock and we have been a wholesale producer of quality grafted roses ever since. Now, producing over 150 varieties throughout the year! These premium roses are supplied to upper scale garden centers across FL and Southeast GA. If cared for properly, your roses will last an average of 15 to 20 + years, providing beauty, fragrance and personality to your home and garden! If you want a rose garden that lasts the years, it has to be a Nelson’s Florida Rose.