Fortuniana Rootstock

Florida Roses on Fortuniana Rootstock:

Roses can be and are grown successfully in Florida thanks to Fortuniana rootstock. Don’t confuse other rootstocks with Nelson’s Fortuniana. Grafting a rose onto Fortuniana assures that the plant will thrive and prosper. Our signature blue pot will assure you of the finest quality roses for the State of Florida! Nelsons Florida Roses are grown in Florida specifically for Florida soil and climate. Our commitment to excellence has been proven since the 1950’s.

Fortuniana has a root system that is second to none. Dr. S.C. McFadden of the University of Florida’s Horticulture Department saw the potential of Fortuniana and teamed up with Nelsons’ in the late 1950’s to explore the possibilities of Fortuniana in Florida. He determined this rootstock, or understock, was very resistant to nematode damage and well suited for the sandy soils of Florida. Dr. McFadden also noted the vigor with which roses grafted on this rootstock grew. This sparked the interest of the Nelsons to pursue this rootstock. Several studies have been conducted to compare size, longevity and number of blooms using all types of rootstock – in every test, Fortuniana has proven to be superior.